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Lessons from #100DaysofNoCode Demo day

This is based on the 100DaysofNoCode demo and you can learn more about the programme here

In mid-November I was invited by Max, Founder of the 100DaysofNoCode to do a soft launch of what I had been working on since committing to my No Code challenge.

At the time of writing, I’m on my 51st day of 100DaysofNoCode and have built weird and wonderful things from a chatbot with Ray J’s face to a landing welcoming Partey to Arsenal.

I personally decided to defer my demo because I'm excited about what I will be building at the beginning of 2021.

Building in Public

After a Max Haining,  gave an intro on what “No Code” means to him, KP gave an epic intro speech about building in public.

KP spoke about how fostering a constant state of appreciation and gratitude is important. One of the the things it brings you is an audience if done right.

  • Following/List = Superficially involved in what you do
  • Audience = People that see you in and out and feel like they share a tiny part in your success. People who think they know you

🎯 Build something cool and put it out there.

People overestimate what can be built in a week and underestimate what can be built in 90 days. Athletes have been building in public for years.

Your heroes (Founders & Makers) are passionate people showing up everyday -

After giving a shoutout to people he already knew or people he watched on the internet and thanking Max for his impressive execution, he asked people what they had built and to take stock of how far we had come and how early No Code is.

People don’t want a big TechCrunch article. People want bits and pieces

Figure out what content form works for you

  • Long form
  • Short form
  • Audio
  • Video
  • etc

He also gave advice on on studying and experimenting with channels

Just put in the reps and it will work

30 mins a day, 3 - 4 times a week with tweets about your story


1) Metix by Sam

An online platform that allows you to debate constructively on the issues you care about most

Tools used:

  • 🛠️ Landing page built in Wix
  • 🛠️ App built in Bubble

2) Today - A simple to do list app by Marta

Tools used

3) No Code business in a box (bridging the gap from idea to execution) by Doc

Doc explained that many people are building without thinking about how fast people can make money.

Creating the step by steps of any process such as cooking, what you would do and getting the very best in every category to reach

  • ✅ Eliminates frustration
  • ✅ Gives you resources
  • ✅ Steps/Tools
  • ✅ Exclusive workshop

Tools used

4) Rutea cajamarca -  A travel app to guide people around the North of Peru by Pablo

Tools used

  • 🛠️ Adalo

5) Collecting Dots by Ross

A newsletter + blog providing mindful ambition for restless achievers.

Tools used

  • 🛠️ Webflow
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