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What does it feel like to finish 100 days of No Code?

I recently finished my 100 days of No Code which I started 6 months ago and I felt like it was obligatory to mark this moment after starting this challenge.

I can honestly say keeping up accountability at this stage in my life has been working and I’m probably going to be doing more of it this year - what this space 😉

Why did I do the challenge?
As a refresher, I wanted to build my muscle of kickstarting digital products online with tools that do the heavy lifting so that I could help more founders build quickly.

No Code is all about empowerment and making creation more accessible. It gives people a place where they can have something that works in a few hours, or over a weekend.

Has it met my exceptions

💯 - and more.

It’s been the traditional come for the tool, stay for the network

😂 firstly, I didn’t wanna embarrass myself after sending out the tweet. I’ve been supported by people on Twitter also and my friends Tolani, Sam, Jeeves  and Makeda also joined.

I also have had a lot of people currently on the challenge or part of the alumni back me, namely Michael, Dan,  Jason,  Doc, Marc,  Edmund, Mike, and Shae

Top tips

Have for anyone looking to do the challenge.

  1. Have a strong ‘why’
  2. Get started
  3. Get over the need for perfection

What my ‘Why’ was

What really helped me was the fact that I had been helping early stage founders get over the challenge of not being able to afford a developer by encouraging them to use No Code tools.

I felt like the best way to show others would be by doing and I’ve believe I have created a lot more awareness of this alternative. For people who don’t have the time to wait 3 months and need the advice now, I’ve also launched this service which helps Nigerian 🇳🇬 developers get laptops and has also confirmed how much I love supporting initiatives in Africa.

I also learned a few things about myself, like the fact that anything I commit to, I feel the need to keep I up.

Most of all I had fun doing it, and it gave me the confidence to ship quicker and where some people start the challenge with a specific startup idea in mind, I’ve been able to be more exposed widely to the tools that are doing the heavy lifting and know a lot more than when I started.

Next steps

I spent more time building when using No Code tools, and I plan to use the next few months focussing more on mobile development 📱 as it’s an area that I am curious about.

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