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Challenging yourself to build more with No Code

I didn’t think that I would be holding myself accountable on learning a new skill so soon - in fact, I feel like it’s starting to become a new habit, I can’t wait to share the results 100 days from now!!

I used to set myself New Year’s solutions, but you see the difference between someone who is enthusiastic and someone who is committed. I mean, would you prefer a Doctor who seemed enthusiastic or the committed one? There’s no comparison 🙅‍♂️

The first time I started making myself accountable in the tech space was in February 2019 when I started learning to code with a group of techies who were all at different stages of technical proficiency. We couldn’t think of a name so we just called our Whatsapp group GET CODING and we met in Walthamstow on Wednesday evenings in a co-working space every few weeks.

My GetCoding accountability group - shout out you man still!

Not long after that, I did my first real public accountability in May 2019 when I started doing practise hours - #practisehours was a nod to grime music which I grew up on and building in public. I did this from May right until about Christmas and had loads of fun (check it out here )

The third form of accountability that really grew me was Weekend Club where I have met indie hackers who are bootstrapping and we have weekly accountability groups on Saturdays. It is definitely the most helpful Slack I have been a part of.

I also occassionally  write my weekly goals in online communities like ProductHunt which generates a few thumbs up.

Today I want to talk about my new challenge. 100DaysofNoCode

So why #100DaysOfNoCode?

I want to build my muscle of kickstarting digital products online with tools that do the heavy lifting.

For me, No Code is all about empowerment and making creation more accessible. It gives people a place where they can have something that works in a few hours, or over a weekend.

It’s like the Ikea furniture of software. There will always be haters but

It’s also linked to my 'Why' 👇

I am empowering passionate founders from diverse backgrounds to build quickly.

So what are the rules of #100DaysofNocode?

Simple tings.

  • Commit to the challenge
  • Spend at least 30 minutes on no-code each day for 100 days
  • Share your progress publicly

Of course life will always get in the way, obstacles come up - but that's not the point. I can't wait to see what building this regular habit will mean.

Thank you to Max Haining for putting yourself out there and creating a challenge that brings other people along with you.

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