How I built an online book club to help my friends

If you told me a few years ago that I would be building building apps months apart, I would have kindly walked you out the room.

After launching the app I built in January, I decided to give myself another go, this time an Online Book Club. I wanted to also try another tool that could help me build things quickly.

This time I used Adalo to build a mobile app, so that I could compare the features.‍

So are you saying I shouldn't bother learning coding Yoms?

Definitely not. In fact, learning to code last year, made me better and more confident at using tools like this. I also, wouldn't worry too much about coding jobs going away - if you really want ot be a true coder, there will always be coding jobs around, you'll just get to enjoy solving more complex problems. Who do you think is building all these low-code tools in the first place?

Low-Code tools are making it easy to design, build and launch amazing things. You can literally just design amazing things.

If you're a Founder, who can see a category that people are spending money on and you want to carve a niche, I feel like rather than spending 6 months learning Javascript, only to find that you need to learn APIs to get there, you can use the tools that are available and figure out quickly or not if you're solving important problems.

It's definitely a mindset thing

The other day, my friend who is a producer told me he needed to create a way for his audience to listen to and download music in different formats. Feeling a bit frustrated with how long his friend was taking to build it, he went on, grabbed a template and got going. He literally went live in 3 days

‍It's not uncommon for people to work on side-projects for the fun of it, but this personally helps me get feedbacfk loops quicker. It's super cost-effective.

Here's the link to the mobile app in case you were wondering.

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