Triller | The music video app that is breaking music videos everyday

Launch Date: Officially launched July 2015
Current Installs: 75 million
Active Users: 26.5M+

Music video director Colin Tilley (Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and more), David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin

What is it?

An iPhone and Android app that allows you to create a video by taking a snippet of your favourite song, add video effects and lip sync the lyrics. It uses intelligent audio and facial analysis to decide when to cut.

The truth is - I have heard it been described as so many things

  • A source of music sharing, content creation and artist discovery
  • An AI-powerful video creating platform
  • A music video maker app
  • A way for budding directors to share their creativitiy in makling music videos
This isn’t the first app to take on this problem, but it’s the first we’ve seen that combines filters, a built-in music library and completely automated editing tools

Here is what one of the Co-Founders said when he launched on Product Hunt.

Triller Co-Founder David Leiberman's first PH post about the new app

So how did it start?

In the early days, many celebrities such as Kevin Hart, , Jadakiss an Justin Bieber were amongst some of the few to run successful fan contents using Triller. Forbes later broke this article which gives us more incentives into Triller; it seems like they have their sight on working with the music industry. TikTok users must use music on TikTok whereas Triller users can use music found within the app, or from the music they have on Apple Music or Spotify.

High-profile artists and executives in the industry, including The Weeknd, Marshmello, Snoop Dogg and many music managers. Invest and exclusive content.  The company, which began in 2015, recently received more than $10 million in investments from rappers Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, Tyga and T.I., among others.

source: Forbes

What role does it play today?

More and more influential music managers joining the collaboration include people like Gee Roberson, Co-CEO of the Blueprint Group, which has clients including Lil Nas X, Jill Scott, and G-Eazy

Bobby Sarnevesht, Executive Chairman of TRILLER and partner at Proxima Media, which manages TRILLER, commented on the app’s growing role in the industry, saying “TRILLER has been attributed as the source leading to more Platinum and Gold records than any other social platform.”

Triller has reportedly overtaken TikTok in the United States with 26.5 million monthly average users and more than 75 million total users. It’s also the 28th most downloaded app overall.

social media music/video discovery timeline
What is true?
  • Triller has licensing deals with 7digital
  • Triller has launched a social media like feature that allows users to follow others (A space for aspiring internet comedians/dancers/budding directors)
It's possible now more than ever to get a video to your song without having to spend money on big budgets

It’s easy to see independent artists using this formula. If you want your song  to do more streams , you can gbese with your friends or reach out  to dancers, influencers to build a bit off buzz.

In my opinion, this formula works amazing with Afro Swing in the UK - our first urban form of pop. Big choruses, big songs singing.

But not exclusive to a specific genre, signed artists such as Pop Smoke teased his fans on insta using Triller vids and I’m sure we all heard Darkoo's GANGSTA before seeing the official vid.

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